Custom Christmas tree growing kit

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    We love this custom Christmas tree growing kit made from cork. You can grow your own Christmas tree in an easy way. Perfect eco-friendly gift idea for sustainable luxury hotels!

    This custom Christmas tree growing kit is a lovely eco-friendly gift idea! This growing kit is made from a cork cube with magnet where you can grow your own Christmas tree in an easy way. Cultivate your indoor Christmas pine tree with this lovely growing kit. Each set comes ready to use with seeds, soil and instructions. Just spread the seeds, water and wait 1 to 2 weeks to germinate! These cork cubes are very trendy and will look very pretty lined up on a shelf. This custom Christmas tree growing kit is perfect to share a moment with kids that will love this “do it yourself “gift. This grow cube is customizable on the label with a printed logo. It is the perfect gift to grow your brand where sustainability and the environment are the main message. You will make the difference by offering a gift that is environmental friendly and promote the sustainability of our planet. This Christmas tree growing kit is produced in Portugal in a small family run factory. For cooking and gardening enthusiasts, the custom herb growing kit is perfect to cultivate your favorite herbs and flowers.


    1 colour printed label

    Price :

    from  €7.75/1.000 units

    Product information:

    Cork cube with magnet, substrate and organic seeds
    Seeds of pine tree
    Sizes: cube 7,5 x 7,5 x 7,5 cm
    Expiration date : 2 years
    Minimum quantity: 50 units
    handmade in Portugal

    How to grow:

    Simple and easy to grow, just open the package and water.

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