Custom herbal tea

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We love this custom herbal tea. Choose from our range of 8 unique tisane blends or ask for a tailor-made herbal tea blend.

This custom herbal tea is composed of aromatic and medicinal plants, chosen for their aroma and their well-being properties. It is inspired by the traditional herbalist shops with their wonderful mix of scents, by the medicinal plants from our gardens, and a little “gourmandise”. You can pick one of our unique tisane blends or ask for a custom one. Our herbalist will be thrilled to create a custom herbal tea blend for you to acquire exactly what you whished for. It takes time, knowledge and passion to achieve a harmonious balance of flavours. Our blends are handcrafted with love in Lisbon from controlled origins plants. Need a personalised blend for your organisation or for a special event? Wedding favours for your special day? A one-of-a-kind blend for your establishment? Custom tisane is a wonderful gift for Hotel& Spas guests, it will recall the thoughtful experience and welcoming service you offer to your customers.


One-colour print label on the packaging


25g pack: 4.50€ for 100 units
40g pack: 5.40€ for 100 units

Product information:

25g or 40gr loose leaf herbal tea pack
Eco-friendly: only natural ingredients – no artificial flavouring – no artificial colours – no preservatives
Packaging: kraft, white or black paper bag – hermetically sealed packs protected from air and light
8 herbal infusion blends:

  1. Au calme au chaud : cinnamon, orange blossom, linden
  2. L’orangerie : basil, lemon peel, orange blossom, verbena
  3. Full moon : lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, mallow, valerian
  4. Blue moon : lavender, melissa, peppermint, verbena, mallow, valerian
  5. Trop Mangé de chocolat! : liquorice, angelica, star anise, peppermint
  6. Madame a besoin d’énergie : blueberry, raspberry leaf, ginseng, hibiscus, verbena, rose, everlasting flower, nettle
  7. Monsieur a besoin d’énergie : rosemary, ginseng, nettle, lemon thyme
  8. Christmas tea : roses, cinnamon, basil, cardamom, black pepper, cloves

Minimum quantity: 100 units
Blended by hand, packed with care in Lisbon