Custom round leather key rings

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We like these custom round leather key rings, made of high quality leather in Portugal, lovely gifts for luxury hotels and promotional events!

These custom round leather key rings are made of high quality leather and are made in Europe. They are available in 8 different colours. This round key ring can be engraved with the logo of your choice. Its diameter is 5 cm. It is the perfect size to be used as a goodies. If you are looking for a hotel room key ring, we suggest you to choose the luxury round key ring with 8cm diameter. It is much bigger and will be more suitable for a hotel room key rings. These custom leather key rings are hand-crafted with love in Portugal in a small family run factory. Quality leather products will “mature” and become even better with age. These key rings made high-quality trade show promotional key chains.


standard or golden engraving


around 2.60€/1000 units with standard engraving

Product information:

100% leather – metal or golden ring
8 colours: black, brown, beige, taupe, green, pink, red, blue
Black painted edges
Sizes: 5cm diameter
Minimum quantity: 100 units
Handmade in Portugal

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