Our values

Hotel Gifts Selection® is specialized in “made in Portugal” bespoke hospitality gifts for luxury hotels, from hotel guest supplies to promotional gifts.

Portugal has a remarkable tradition in handicrafts made by family-owned companies. Our concept focuses on handmade products, using Portuguese know-how in textile, embroidery, leather, cork, porcelain… to offer quality products at a fair price.

From the early beginning of Hotel Gifts Selection’s story, Social and Environmental Responsibility is the core value of our business.


– Favouring natural materials: we strive to select the most sustainable products, the most natural raw materials, manufactured locally or from Europe. Our cotton is woven in Portugal, our leather is tanned in Portugal or Italy.

– Product traceability: we have closed links with our craftsmen and know how the products are made and from which material.

– The best for our suppliers and partners: we support local jobs and help our suppliers in financing their activity. We pay our craftsmen fairly and finance their activity by paying them 50% at the order, 50% before shipping.

– Low environmental impact transport of goods: we manufacture in Europe for the European market to limit freight CO2 emissions.

– The best for our customers: your satisfaction is our main concern. We maintain long-term partner relationships with our customers and always seek to offer the best service to our customers with a smile.

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Quality products manufactured in Portugal or Spain.


Handmade sustainable products made from natural materials.


Thorough quality-control process and fair price by working directly with family-owned companies.