Custom cherry pits heating pad

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We love this custom cherry pits heating pad, linen pillow filled with cherry pits and lavender, natural heat and cold therapy pack, lovely ethical gifts for corporate events and Hotels and Spas!

This custom cherry pits heating pad is a lovely linen pillow filled with cherry pits and lavender. You can heat it in a microwave for soothing sore muscles or bones, and relaxation. You can also chill it in a fridge to use it as an compress for tired eyes or heat. Cherry pits tend to conform to the shape of the body which makes the heat / cold to have a better contact with sore areas. Small and round, cherry pits also work as a soothing massager. When heated, the pillow scents a gentle lavender aroma. It is a easy, natural and effective way to relieve painful neck or ensure a warm bed while sleeping. This pillow is made with a removable cushion, machine washable for an easy use. This therapy bag can be customized with an embroidered logo. It is a very original and ethical gift for luxury hotels ans spa.


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€13.95 for 200 units

Product information:

Reusable therapy pack
Outside: removable linen pillow – machine washable at 30 degrees
Inside: 100% cotton cushion filled with 500g dried cherry pits and 10g lavender
Sizes: 33x18cm
Using directions: heat for approximately two minutes in a microwave or chill 1h in the fridge
Comes with using directions

Minimum quantity: 60 units
Handmade in Portugal