Custom printed playing cards

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We like these custom printed playing cards, handmade in Portugal. One of the best way to entertain both kids and adults, and to communicate on your brand. Let’s play!

These custom printed playing cards are handmade in Portugal. They are customizable both on the box and the cards. Adapted to kids of all ages, this game will entertain kids at anytime reflecting your brand. These promotional playing cards are also one of the most favorite pastime activities of the kids. Playing card games is beneficial for dexterity and eye-hand coordination. The simple action of holding playing cards in their small hands helps children develop these two main motor skills. Card games may be the cheaper and healthy alternative to video games or to whatever nowadays parents go for when they wish to offer their kids something fun to play with. It is also a very nice gift idea for adults. These promotional playing cards are an original gift for luxury hotels. It can also be sold in the boutique of the hotel.


quadri printing on the box and on the cards


around  €7.50/100 units

Product information:

52 playing cards with cardboard box
Choice between 2 kinds of face cards: classic or modern
Sizes: 8.9 x 5.9 x 1.7 cm
Minimum quantity: 100 units
Handmade in Portugal

More about the benefits of playing cards for kids: