Custom classic shave set

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Custom classic shave set, composed of one shave soap and one shaving brush for traditional shaving lovers, made in Portugal.

This custom classic shave set is composed of one shave soap and one shaving brush for traditional shaving lovers. This set is completely personalised from the shaving brush to the cardboard boxes. The shave soap is handmade of 100% natural essential oils products by a Portuguese family-owned company. The shaving brush is also handmade in Portugal by a traditional manufacturer, existing from 1955 and producing the finest shaving brushes. The art of shaving seems to have become a lifestyle of sorts. Some say that the television series Mad Men has contributed to this, as has the James Bond film, Skyfall. However, one thing is for sure: the old barber shops have resurfaced with a modern look, and magazines such as Monocle and Wallpaper are paying more attention to this subject, which has spawned a growing number of blogs, forums and admirers. With shaving brushes making a comeback, there is once again more and more talk of  the benefits of traditional shaving. Our partner is categorical: “There is absolutely no comparison. Shaving with a brush, lather and a classic straight razor, is a massage and skin treatment all in one. There are no more skin irritations or burning sensations…, that’s why whoever gives this a try, cannot go back to regular blades.” This custom classic shave set is an original and trendy custom gifts for men for all your events.


2 cardboard boxes print, shaving brush engraving


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Product information:

100g shave soap with essential oils to prevent razor burn
Shaving brush made of wild boar hair – height: 10cm – knot: Ø2.2cm
Packaging: soap cardboard box 8.4x6x2.7cm – large cardboard box 13.5×9.5x4cm
Minimum quantity: 100 units
Handmade in Portugal