Visit of a leather goods factory #1

Visit of a leather goods factory #1

Today, we take you for a tour to Alcobaça to visit the leather factory where the majority of our custom leather goods are produced.

This leather factory is a family-owned company, which is managed by 2 sisters Ana and Sara in a small village of Portugal.


Why did we choose to work with Ana and Sara?

We really appreciate to work with Ana and Sara as we share the same conscious and ethic about manufacturing.

First of all, we wanted to produce in Europe for the European market.

Secondly, we wanted a family-owned company to be able to build a true partnership and produce bespoke quality leather goods in small quantities for our clients. We (Ana, Sara and Hotel Gifts’ team) are considering ourselves partners, we work together in the same direction and share our success.

And last (but not least), we were very lucky to share with Ana and Sara the same vision about slow consumption and producing quality goods. We intend to produce long-lasting promotional goods at the opposite of the short-lived giveaways that  directly go “away” in the bin.

Are Ana and Sara producing for famous brands?

Yes, they are producing bespoke leather goods for famous European brands. The names of these brands are a well-kept secret. As true as never a leather brands company will tell you the name of their leather manufacturer.

Once, as we were visiting the factory to make a follow-up of our production, we discover that the workers were producing leather wallet for Comptoir des Cotonniers.

For those who don’t know (is it possible to ignore this brand?) Comptoir des Cotonniers is a very famous brand of clothes and accessories in France, that we are really fond of.

There are as many Comptoir des cotonnier’s stores as boulangeries in Paris. The Comptoir des Cotonniers’ style is the perfect Parisian style, very classic white blouses and black pants but with always the small detail that makes the difference…and the French touch! As Parisians, we felt suddenly very close from home!

And what kind of custom leather goods do Ana and Sara produce for Hotel Gifts Selection ?

For Hotel Gifts Selection, Ana et Sara are producing custom leather goods as personalised leather tray, bespoke iPad sleeves, leather luggage tags, custom leather cable holder, personalised leather key chains, custom cosmetic bags and personalised leather tassels like tassel key rings or tassel room signs.

cosmetic bag

leather tray

luggage tag

tassel key ring

tassel room sign

In our next post, we will talk about Antonio, Ana and Sara’s father and of his “cabinet of curiosities”, remarkable storage of vintage promotional products that we love.


Looking forward to sharing with you!